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Russia is a physically expansive country with great resource wealth, high regard for education, and high levels of achievement in basic science. However...

Это из сравнения шести стран с США. Ограничусь оттудавидением наших проблемок:

  • the proposed level of funding does not seem to be adequate

  • Russia’s S&T plans and ambitions are constantly undermined by the tendency of the government to support large (i.e., government-controlled) companies

  • The list of projects that are being undertaken in the nanoscience endeavor does not indicate that Russian leaders understand what is involved in commercializing nanoscience advances; their approach neither improves the competitive environment nor encourages entrepreneurship

  • Russia maintains a hostile attitude toward foreign collaboration

  • Due to its overreliance on a top-down approach, Russia is unlikely to be successful in modernizing the country and in diversifying its economy. Without globally competitive, high-technology products to sell, Russia is expected to be even more dependent on its role as one of the world’s largest energy suppliers and providers of raw materials

  • In the self-proclaimed target areas of medical, pharmaceutical, and information technologies, the international impact of Russian products is almost nonexistent

  • If the Russian brain drain continues and the overall Russian population continues to decrease or even remain static, there will not be personnel to staff the S&T institutions


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